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Blockchain industrial standard

The industrial standard for blockchain development

Blockchain is a decentralized data storage, ensures the guarantee of their invariability. Blockchain technology used in the crypto-currency environment and valuable in the financial sector: banking, insurance, investment funds, etc.

The full application of distributed ledger can’t be used for corporations and government institutions right now because of:

  • low performance of existing technologies (3-5, up to 10 operations per second for Bitcoin and Ethereum networks);
  • high complexity of developing and deploying blockchain-applications;
  • lack of a unified approach to the design and development of blockchain-technology;
  • shortage and high cost of qualified programmers and technical managers for blockchain-projects;
  • lack of direct access from the blockchain to the equipment (It’s a reason why blockchain can’t be used as a component of industrial and military solutions).

A lot of companies are trying to solve these problems creating software platforms that should be used as an industrial standard for blockchain applications development. For example there are R3 Corda and Hyperledger.

Our company has developed a software platform for blockchain applications development, and it is better than our competitors in terms of performance and simplicity of development. Our framework has a wide range of applications.

Industrial blockchain framework features:

  • high performance – 25,000 transactions per second, with the ability to scale to 125,000 and higher;
  • simplicity and low cost of developing blockchain applications for all major operating systems;
  • built-in web application server;
  • ability to use of user software libraries with direct access to equipment in which the software of the node of the decentralized registry is running
  • data storage with complex structure in a blockchain, up to program images for PCs and microcontrollers, with the possibility of launching them;
  • identification of a person as a user with the possibility of transferring personal or anonymous information about this user through the blockchain.

Our software platform can be used as unified framework (industrial standard) for development of blockchain applications. These apps can be applied as for traditional blockchain sphere of finance as for another markets, for example:

  • medicine – for medical records managing making and paying prescriptions;
  • housing and public utilities – for the municipal resources consumption accounting utility payments implementation user crediting;
  • industry – for high-tech intelligent equipment realization by software supply and protection of industrial software from theft;
  • military – for protection high-tech weapon from hacking and recovering by unchangeable program components (up to operating systems);
  • bond issuing – for debt securities, stocks automatic emission, sale and redistribution the companies’ shares;
  • notary – for registration of notarial actions in one union constant base including opportunity to introduction the “electronic notaries”;
  • tax and accounting – for totally automatic accounting business income and expenses counting and automatic payment of taxes,
  • etc.

We are sure that the blockchain applications development will allow enterprises to expand business areas, attract new customers, improve the efficiency and profitability of their activities. The application of our development will also be useful for everyone, because it allows creating an effective modern system of "electronic government".